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Antigate.Com is an online service which provides real-time captcha-to-text decodings. This works easy: your software uploads a captcha to our server and receives text from it within seconds.

The main features are:

  • Cheapest price on the market - starting from 0.5USD per 1000 images, depending on the daily volume
  • Minimum payment is 1 USD, pay-per-captcha payment basis, no recurring charges.
  • Average decoding speed is 15 seconds
  • Pretty simple API (over HTTP) which allows you to add captcha-to-text decoding functionality to your application
  • Unlimited Multi-threading. You can send as many captchas as you like in a second.
  • De-Captcher and Captchabot API protocols are completely supported
  • Accurate usage and payments statistics
  • Never-busy-queue. We keep our captcha queue in the way to make sure that all captchas are decoded in average 15 seconds. Those who pay more receive the priority. Still the average bid is quite cheap!
  • Service is provided on 24/7/365 basis since November 2007, our distributed infrastructure allows 99.9% uptime
  • 100% of images decoded by human workers from around the world.. This is why by using our service you help them to feed themselves and their families. Be sure they are very happy to earn this money!

To use our system you need to pass free registration. It's easy and you'll be able to test our system for free (10 free captcha decodings).

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